Living in Pocono Mountains

There is no greater joy than living and breathing in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Thousands of families are discovering every year it’s a wonderful place to live and raise a family. There are outstanding public schools and universities, cultural activities for young and old, and a rich history. Most importantly, the region has clean water, fresh air and a quality of life not found in urban areas.

    Recreational activities play an important role in the Poconos. Hunting, fishing, hiking, river kayaking, skiing, boating and camping are all activities not found in urban and city areas. Many residents come here to get away from the high taxes, pollution and mind boggling traffic of city life, and rightfully so. 

The Poconos have many fabulous restaurants, golf and tennis clubs, great shopping, (no tax on clothing) and all surrounded by a natural beauty that is a blessing to all who live here. Whether you move to the Poconos full time or just buy a vacation home here, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Many vacation home residents eventually move here full time or end up retiring here.

 Homes are moderately priced compared to the urban homes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or the Philadelphia region. As a matter of fact, comparable homes in urban areas are three to four times the cost of a home in the Poconos!